Getting Started

Before you jump in to training, there’s some things you need to know. Here’s how to get started with what you want to do at Defined Fitness.

Group Training

Basics Course: Everybody must complete the basics course before starting group classes. All courses are taught by appointment only for up to 4 people. This course will help familiarize you with the most common movements we do in the classes. Although you will not leave the session knowing how to do every move perfectly, you will know what the expectations are for each exercise. This class will also provide me with a knowledge of your abilities and how to tailor your instruction during the group classes. The basics course costs $30 per person. Payment will be due before starting the session, so please come prepared.

Joining the Class: After completing the basics course, congratulations! It’s time to start coming to all the classes you want! Every time you come to class, please bring a water bottle and a notebook. The reason for the water bottle is simple: it is imperative that you stay hydrated! The notebook will be for recording your workouts. I will not keep your records for you. You will need to have your notes on hand to refer to you benchmarks, times, maxes, etc. If you’re constantly “just guessing” on your workouts, you will not improve (at least not very quickly) and it will be very frustrating to both of us. I am always so proud of my clients when they improve, and I know they enjoy getting results as well. A notebook helps you see the effects of your hard work. I also suggest bringing a towel. It gets really hot, and you’ll be very sweaty a lot of the time.

Personal Training

Consultation: If you are interested in personal training, I require you to meet with me for a consultation before we start. We will go over your basic information and what you hope to get out of training. In addition to your goals, the consultation helps me know what injuries, setbacks and medical conditions you have so I can develop an effective, appropriate program for you.


General Items to Note

  • I will be taking before and after pictures by request for X-Def and personal clients. Women should wear a sports bra, swimsuit or fitted shirt (if you are not comfortable) and shorts. Men should wear a fitted shirt (if you are not comfortable) shirt and shorts.
  • ALWAYS have a water bottle!!!
  • BE ON TIME. You’ll actually want to show up 3-5 minutes early to get a decent warm up in. If you will be late or absent, let me know as far in advance as you can. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you forfeit your session. You will need to come to a different class (if you’re in the group classes) or take an absence for the day. Missed days are not refundable.  It is bad form to walk in 10 minutes late and try to warm up while I instruct the class on the workout. You miss the instructions and everyone is distracted. Just don’t do it. Punctuality is healthy and will be strictly enforced!
  • Put away your equipment, please. This is not a globo-gym where weights are stacked inappropriately, bars are left out and someone else follows you around to clean up your mess. There will be penalties if you leave your mess and they will involve copious amounts of sweat.
  • Group classes are NOT social hour! You are here to work. Not gossip. Not chat. Not catch up. If you are gabbing away, it interferes with your workout, others’ workouts and my coaching. You will be asked to leave. You are more than welcome to talk outside though! That being said, DO feel free to chat a bit when appropriate (during warm up, between workouts). DO encourage each other (when you can breathe) loudly! DO be friendly and welcome new members. Just do all this at appropriate times. There’s an example or two of unacceptable gym conduct in this video. Can you guess who not to be?




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