Monthly Archives: July 2014

Get Fit In Here, So You Can Play Out There

I think fitness and working hard in the gym really only benefits you if you’re going to use it. How you use it is up to you. I like to race. I used my fancy fitness at the Special Ops 5K in Tooele a couple weekends ago and had a total blast. Only problem was the race was too short, so you’ll probably find me doing the 10 miler next year. I got my husband to do it with me and we had a great time cheering each other on throughout the race (couples who sweat together stay together. #swolemates).


Although training for my races is always fun (just kidding, it’s not), I also like to use the strength, energy, flexibility, coordination and functional movements I practice in the gym to help me play hard. Lake Powell provided the perfect venue for this intense playtime. Activities included (but were not limited to):
Flyboarding (ask me about this if you are a fan of good times)
Lizard Catching (unsuccessful)
and Cliff Jumping.
This vacation was definitely a reminder to me of why fitness and health are so important. I like to be involved and have a good time. I like participating in activities without feeling exhausted. I like having to courage to try new things because I feel strong and coordinated. I really really like looking good and feeling confident in a swimsuit. So I guess the overall message of this post is this: suffer with a purpose! Work for something and then use it! It doesn’t have to be for a 5K, marathon, ironman, bikini competition, or world-class-athlete status. It can be for whatever you want it to be for and no matter what, that reason is important and valid because it means something to you. Work hard. Get fit. Get out there. Feel better.