10 Not-So-Fit Confessions of a FitPro

Ever scroll through social media and look at all the fitness pros out there and wonder how in the world they have it all down? Even the posts that admit to “imperfections” seem to ooze false humility and end with a quasi-inspirational quote accompanied by a bright, gorgeous ab selfie of themselves in their underwear. Yes. You’re so flawed. So relateable. Not.

Honest bathroom selfie

I admit, I’ve been guilty of this too. Granted, my mirror is always disgusting, my bathroom is not pretty or modern, I never have good gym lighting, and I usually look like I’ve rolled out of bed after having the flu for 3 1/2 weeks, but I know even in some of my “real” posts, I preach motivation, grit, endurance, and consistency. I do have all those things and I practice them often, but not all the time. In fact, I’ve been cutting myself quite a lot of slack lately, which inspired this honest, completely uninspiring, non-dramatic blog post.

Confession 1: Every month or two, I set a goal to do yoga and/or stretch at least twice per week. I have yet to keep this goal at all. So not only am I admitting that I set goals I basically have no intention of reaching, but I also fail miserably to stay on top of my flexibility game. I know this will be extremely detrimental to me if I keep this habit up. I’m trying to get on top of it, but admittedly, it still fails to be a priority.

Confession 2: Pizza is the main food I have not figured out how to eat in moderation. So I go nuts on it a moderate amount of the time (about twice a month, probably).

Confession 3: I hate how pregnancy has made my body look. I feel fat and gross. I feel like such a weakling. My lifts suuuuccckkk (relatively) right now and I can’t stand it! I like being pregnant. I like working out. I do not like them at the same time. And gaining weight has been really hard on me this time around. I haven’t figured out how to emotionally navigate that yet. I’m working on it with some help from my marvelous support system.

Confession 4: I’ve been in this game long enough to make exercise a given in my days. But sometimes, I procrastinate till the end of the day, get tired and lazy, and decide my body needs a rest day, even when it doesn’t. It’s what I tell myself to make me feel better about it, but I know I’m just making excuses.

Confession 5: I spend way too much of my time in my comfy living room chairs playing on my phone and not being active. This definitely happens more during the fall/winter/spring (I seriously hate Utah weather) when it’s too cold for me to want to go outside. During the summer, I’m much more active throughout the day, but I know I need to do better.

Confession 6: I sometimes sneak bites of things and don’t track it. My kid’s PB&J, gummy bears, my husband’s lunch, licking the bowl after baking, a couple pieces of cereal, etc.

Confession 7: I don’t always push myself in the gym. Especially lately. I’m mostly hanging out in my comfort zone right now, but I guess that’s probably appropriate right now. Just know that there are days where I leave my workout thinking I could have/should have done more, and it’s not just me beating myself up. There’s a difference between doing that and simply settling for mediocrity.

Confession 8: I don’t eat a lot of fruit because I like to use my carbs on “dirty” sources like bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes, and dessert. Bite me.

Confession 9: I like disgusting foods that most people consider themselves way too good for. I like fast food, frozen food, packaged food…I know quality when I taste it, but I’m not too pretentious to admit that I can down a whole box of Kraft mac n’ cheese with room to spare.

Confession 10: I rarely buy new gym clothes. Most of my stuff I’ve had for years and I will wear it till it dies or I do. I will also never spend more than $15 on a bra, $25 on leggings/shorts, or $35 on a tank top. To be honest, I have only gone that high on an item of clothing or two ever in my life. Usually my budget is way lower. I’m cheap, it’s an outfit I’ll get disgusting in anyway, so I’m not going to worry about the trends or whether my stuff if Lulu or not.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not justifying any of my flaws or saying this is the best way to be. I have many good habits; I do work hard and make sacrifices for my health and I make sure to try to find balance with my diet, exercise and lifestyle. But I don’t have it all together, I make excuses just like everyone else, I indulge, I fail. It’s part of life. Quasi-inspirational quote here (sorry, can’t help it!): work on one thing, one day, at a time. Acknowledging imperfections doesn’t mean you have to embrace them. Choose what you’re willing to fix, then take the steps you need to fix it.

Confession 11: Honestly, I probably will not work on fixing that pizza habit. Not for a very very long time, anyway.

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